The Constellations Path

International School for The Study of Systemic Constellations founded by Yishai Gaster (2006) in Israel.

The Constellation’s Path is a Certification path on the way to
reach mastery in the craft of Systemic Constellations.

With 24 trainers and staff we work together to bring the Constellations approach to all walks of life.
To individual therapy, to pregnancy and birth work, to family therapy, to Shadow work, Constellations and creativity, Trauma work, Constellations and couples work, Constellations – womanhood and the feminine, Constellations and women of the Bible, Constellations and Rituals, Organizational and Business Constellations and giving birth to idea’s – from creation to fruition.

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More about the School:

The School of Systemic Constellation Studies was found in 2006 in Israel by Yishai Gaster.

The School trains facilitators in Israel and also in other countries around the world, to treat, facilitate and pass on the systemic-phenomenological wisdom and the healing qualities.

The Constellations Path, for us suggests that learning this work is a path to walk on and to discover. It is a path that taches a therapeutic technique, that has systemic concepts and is also a philosophical and spiritual voyage.

The school has two main trainings – training in Family and Systemic constellations and a training in Organizational Constellations. The two trainings have different structures and yet both take place on The Constellations Path.


“What is important is to help people resolve conflicts and connect with the healing forces that are in the family.
It is not just a treatment, it is also a service for the sake of reconciliation and completion. “

From Brett Hellinger’s ‘Recognition of Existence’