Community Meetings

Yishai Gaster sharing his Experience
Facilitated by Ravit Levin

“Sharing our experience with others, is giving gratitude for what we have gained and enriches our experience in multiple folds”

We are happy to invite you once every two months to a Constellations Community Meeting with Yishai Gaster.

In these meetings Yishai will share of his accumulated experience in Systemic Family and Organizational constellations since 1996.

In each meeting Yishai will expand on one aspect of the systemic work, and then will share of his experience according to the interest that arises in the meeting.

All live meetings are an offering to the Constellations Community and are free.

Previous themes:

Parents and Children (53 minutes)

Siblings (82 minutes)

Belonging (73 minutes)

The Systemic Facilitator (62 minutes)

Phenomenology in Systemic Constellations (62 minutes)

The Representative Phenomena in Systemic Constellations (66 minutes)

The Connection between Zulu Trditional Healing and Family Constellations (89 minutes)

The Collective and The Self (78 minutes)

All these are available on your favorite podcast app.

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