English Language Faculty

Yishai Gaster

Founder, trainer and Facilitator

Founder, trainer and facilitator in Systemic Constellations. Founder of 'The Constellation's Path' Israel in 2006 . Training therapists and organizational consultants internationally.

Noga Meivar

Trainer, facilitator and council member

Certified Constellations facilitator and a trainer in The Constellation's Path founded by Yishai Gaster. A Somatic therapist, and a Senior Focusing teacher. Founder of the Israeli Ishtar School for the arts of love.

נופר ליבני לסקוב

Nufar Livny Lasko

Facilitator and Trainer

Is an Expressive Arts Groups Facilitator. Founder and Developer of "Creative Family Constellation"- Family and Systemic Constellation Combined Arts. Facilitator and Trainer in the "Constellation Path – The Israeli School of Systemic Constellations". Master NLP, Trauma NLP, Master Timeline Therapy. Shamanic Healer and ESP. Contemporary Artist and Designer.

Neta Artzi

Trainer and facilitator

Trainer and Facilitator at The Constellation's Path, A student and teacher of 'a course in miracles' An eternal student of the self inquiry and non-dualism spiritual path. I love to combine my paths, and help find new ways to meet and experience the big questions of life…

Lilach Benyamini Coresh

Trainer and Facilitator

In Family constellation, my interest lies in the integration and synergy between Constellation and Focusing, and especially Gendlin’s philosophy of Focusing. Developed a module which explores that (and from within that) alive connection.

Meirav Schreiber

Trainer, facilitator and council member

Creative Arts Therapist, Family Constellation facilitator in the The Constellation's Path - Institute for the Study of Systemic Constellations Israel. Diamond Approach student. Guiding people to heal and reconnect with their true self.

Nir Esterrman (M.Sc)

Trainer facilitator

is a teacher and a facilitator of Family and Systemic Constellations the Israeli Constellation's Path institute of systemic constellations. He is an Embodied Shadow Work and Body Work. Based in Israel and teaches internationally

Ravit Levin

Facilitator and trainer

Ravit Levin, Born in 1973, started her journey with family constellation therapy at 2014 A Family Constellation Facilitator and trainer, Birth doula,hypnoBirthing practitioner and Reiki Master. 2016-2023 Living and working in Koh-phangan, Thailand . 2024-now living and working in south Portugal. offering constellation sessions, workshops and trainings in person and online

Yael Eini

Trainer and facilitator

Trainer and facilitator of Family Constellations trainer and facilitator at the Israeli Constellation's Path Institute, develops and directs tools and processes for esoteric work with the constellation.

גלית הרמן

Galit Herman

Trainer and facilitatorr

Facilitates people with the birth and development of their ideas, helps explore a person's relationship with creativity and inspiration. Lead trainer in the Organizational Constellations Institute Israel, and The Constellation's Path.

Seda Rodop Soran

Trainer and facilitator

Facilitator and trainer in systemic constellations. I am dedicated to spreading systemic constellations work, collaborating internationally through my center Radia, based in Istanbul, Türkiye since 2009.